"Tango and Cash" Monster Truck for Sale on eBay

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"Tango and Cash" may have been the most unappealing cop-buddy movie ever put to celluloid. Dapper Tango (i.e., Silvester Stallone), wooden as a cigar-store Indian on "Antiques Roadshow," was straight man to sloppy Cash (i.e., Kurt Russell), a low-rent Martin Riggs with none of the loopy charm. Even the villianous Jack Palance, an actor who was turning in cartoonish intensity long before Al Pacino did his first tomato-sauce commercial, looked bored as hell. Still, that movie (apparently) also starred a futuristic truck-like vehicle of some kind, which is now for sale on eBay. We'd give you more details, but there's no way we're sitting through that movie again. [Thanks to John for the tip.] [Update: Seth points out that this truck was used in the failed 1994 TV show "Island City." Seth, we're utterly amazed at, and frankly a bit frightened by, your recall of obscure pop-cultural bits. Authorities have been notified.]

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