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Tang Hua XY08 Chika, An Electric Car For The Ladies Of Paris

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Tang Hua rocked our socks off with a trio of banana-yellow (and banana-shaped) concepts at the Detroit Auto Show, and they have followed up at the Paris Motor Show with this gorgeous sapphire blue semi-circular masterpiece dubbed the Tang Hua XY08 Chika. The Chika is yet another all-electric car featuring crushing performance from its massive four kilowatt electric motor (5.36 HP) and automatic transmission. Hold onto your hats: This baby does 31 MPH and will get you anywhere within 93 miles. Wait, that's actually not too bad for an e-car...well, if you discount the whole "fiery death in a crumpled heap of thermoformed polycarbonate" aspect.