Talk muscle cars with Neko Case on Jalopnik tomorrow

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Singer and vintage muscle car enthusiast Neko Case is raffling off her '67 Mercury Cougar to benefit the 826 National educational writing group. Questions about the car? Questions about her music? You can ask her, here, tomorrow at 12:00 EST.

Yes, the famous Cougar from the cover Case's haunting and wonderful album "Middle Cyclone" can be part of your collection and all you have to do is buy a ticket (or two, or 100) on her site. She's not just generous with her car, she's also generous with her time and will be answering your questions as part of our "Ask Me Anything" series.


You've quizzed Kasey Kahne, interrogated Ken Block, and mostly amused Brett Berk. Now you've got a chance to ask Case about "Angie Dickinson" (her car's name) or, if you like, ask about the actual Angie Dickinson. It's why we call it "Ask Me Anything."

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