Taking the Work Out of Executive Car-Buying

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Maybe it's the aging punker in us, but for some reason whenever we read about lists of things that're perfect for the CEO, it makes us wanna grab some MD 20/20 empties, fill 'em with the cheapest gas in town and fling them at downtown office buildings in a heartfelt, yet futile blow against the empire until we're dragged kicking and screaming off to the hoosegow after being bloodied by the boots of the Man. This list, from Chief Executive magazine, cheeses us off in just that special way. In fact, in exactly the same way that it cheesed us off that an old boss of ours kept self-help books on his office bookshelf assuring him that it was fine to be rich.

Of course it's fine to be rich. It's not fine to be a corporate hoser. And if you need books assuring you that it's okay to be rich, and you need a list of cars appropriate for your profession, you're most likely a hoser of the highest magnitude. We're gonna go break out our Propgandhi records and hit our head against things. Y'all click here to read the list.


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