With its alloy wheels and the fact that it still even exists, today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Malibu isn’t exactly what you could call a sleeper. Let’s see if the price on this SBC-powered wagon is worth losing any sleep over.

It is of little surprise that last Friday’s 1996 Hummer H1 fell in a massive 77% Crack Pipe loss. After all, it was covered in a thick layer of sexism and carried the indelible taint of having once been owned by ex-NBA weirdo Dennis Rodman. Come to think of it, there looked to be other taints on that truck as well.

I hope the weekend was long enough to clear your head of that Hummer’s memory. Of course no one really ever forgets a good Hummer, but fingers crossed that one is the exception.

Speaking of exceptions, when was the last time you saw a cool old Chevy Malibu wagon on the road? For you youngsters, I’d wager the answer is never. For the rest of us who are still wondering where our youth went, it’s probably a long time time ago. And I’ll bet even then it wasn’t as cool a ride as this 1979 Chevy Malibu wagon.


It’s hard to believe but the Malibu only became a distinct model line the year prior to this one, in 1978. Before that it was a trim level on the mid-sized Chevelle. Along with the nameplate switcheroo 1978 saw the debut of a new smaller A-body platform. That was offered in four-door, coupe and, like today’s contender, station wagon form. An El Camino car-truck was made available as well, sharing a ton of parts with the Malibu.

The Station wagon in fact shared the El Camino’s tail lights and rear bumper. Above that sits a simple split hatch with a narrow-framed flip up window and fold-down gate. Fancying up this one quite a bit is two tone, biscuit over tan paint, and a set of what look like AR Torq Thrust wheels. Other than that it looks like it was plucked straight out of a little league field parking lot where it was waiting for the Bad News Bears to blow off the day’s troublesome tween ‘tudes.


Factory engine choices for this year of Malibu ranged from a you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me 95-horse 3.3-litre V6 to a meh 160-pony 305 V8. This one has none of those. Instead, it rocks what is described as a Votrec 350- CID crate motor. That’s topped with what the ad says is a “90’s era (TPI) fuel injection.” Behind that lies a THM700R4 four-speed automatic.

The seller claims the car is good for 19 mpg, which actually might be okay in today’s era of unusually cheap gas. He also says that the A/C blows cold. That’s an important factor with this car when you consider that GM in its infinite wisdom decided to eschew rear door windows that rolled down for vent wings and the few more millimeters of elbow space the fixed main panes allowed. I don’t know if you can retrofit later doors with roll-down windows on these earlier cars but that would be my first Google search after taking ownership of one.


The exterior on this well-kept Malibu looks to be free of flaws, and the interior, all bench seats and brown vinyl, seems a nice place to be to experience the hotter motor’s talents. You also get cruise control, a later, but appropriate looking digital radio, and keyless entry. No mileage is disclosed in the ad.

The price is disclosed, and that turns out to be $13,500. What’s your take on this somewhat a sleeper Malibu and that asking? Does that seem like a fair price for the car as presented? Or, does that make this a Malibu even Barbie would turn down?

You decide!


Columbia SC Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to VinnyK and yzvinnyf for the hookup!

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