Taking BJ Baldwin’s 800HP Trophy Truck Around The Block In Las Vegas

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

Here’s further proof that yes, in fact you can pop out for a box of milk in an 800 horsepower trophy truck. The turning circle even makes parking easy.

When my good friend Andy Craig from Goodwood Road&Racing went to see BJ Baldwin in Las Vegas before his appearance at the Festival of Speed, they needed to warm up the tires before staring to do some smoky donuts for their promo video.

Is driving around the block with your racing truck legal in Las Vegas? Not quite. Is this any worse than what the Roadkill guys do all the time? Nope, it’s equally awesome in fact.

For more on why a trophy truck might be the best grocery getter in case you live in the Nevada area, head over to Goodwood R&R!


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I have never seen such juvenile irresponsibility and flagrant disregard for traffic law.

This B.J. Baldwin person should be locked up and his keys thrown my way...