Takin' A Bite Out Of The Big Apple: Part II

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Ya know how the first bite of an apple is always the best? Luckily, this ain't one of those apples. This is the Big Apple. And here in the Big Apple, what happens in New York...is heard by everyone in the five boroughs plus Westchester the next morning. Usually on Page Six. [Please note, the check is in the mail — ed.] But...let's talk some autos. Aside from the new cars, more than a few auto journalists noted comments from our friend Bob Lutz, who predicted yesterday there would be no Chapter 11 in 2011 for the General. Bob, a welcome word to the wise here, leave the alliterative commenting to us and focus on the cars. K? Remember to keep up with our always fresh and somewhat clean coverage, through use of our RSS feed for you agreggator-ers, and for the non-techno nerds, keep hittin' refresh on the New York tab.


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