Take an amusing video tour through an old car junkyard in Russia

If you've ever wondered what a junkyard full of vintage Russian iron looks like, wonder no more. Complete with a "not sure if it's intended to be comical" music choice, this video takes a look at some of the intriguing automotive oddities you might expect from a old car junkyard in Russia.


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When I hear "junkyard" I think of a place where they actually part out the cars and such, although having worked in that industry, the much-preferred term is "salvage yard."

This is a collection of cars, much like I've seen in many farmer's fields in Wisconsin. It breaks down, gets pulled by the tractor to the field behind the house or barn to be repaired later, and never gets fixed. The grass grows up around them, and the frames rot into the ground.

I helped tow some cars off a property that had been sitting for decades. One was a early 60's Chevy Impala that tore in half when hooked to the tow cable because the frame had rusted to nothing.