Take A Virtual Drive Of Circuit Of The Americas On Google Maps

I don't know if you've heard, but there's something of a race going on this weekend in lovely Austin, Texas. While you may not get to drive a Formula One car at 10/10ths on the Circuit of the Americas (unless you're an actual F1 driver, in which case, good for you), you can now experience the track on Google Maps.


The Google Maps version of COTA is just like the real thing, only slower. Sure, you could experience a more velocity-infused version of the track with a racing game, but that would require walking all the way over to your X-Station or PlayBox or whatever. Now you can take in all of the 3.4-mile track's twists and turns from the comfort of your computer chair.

Just watch out for that Turn One. It's a doozy.

Hat tip to Menebrio in Oppo!

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