Take A Look Inside Richard Griot's Incredible Garage

Any car guy worth his salt has seen a Griot's Garage catalog. If you haven't, it's basically a bible for the man that spends most of his time in a pristine garage mahal working on his rides.


The founder, Richard Griot, is a car guy's car guy. He loves cars, but his garage isn't full of stereotypical supercars and garage queens.

Instead, he has old Can Am racers, a Lamborghini Islero, an Audi S4, and more. As Griot puts it, he doesn't have anything that he doesn't want to drive.


This place is just as amazing as his cars. Take a look.

eGarage via via Motoramic

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BaconSandwich is tasty.

At first I thought it said "Richard Garriot". Maybe I ought to lay off the games for a while...