Take A Behind The Scenes Look At An Amazing Stunt From A Lame Movie

The upcoming Need For Speed movie is not going to be good. No, I haven't seen it yet, I can just tell. But the stunt work might actually be pretty great.


In the movie, there's this big crash involving three Koenigseggs and a huge roll. It looked to the director like something that was impossible and just couldn't be done in the real world.

He was going to go the CGI route.

That's where stunt coordinator Lance Gilbert stepped in and told everyone to hold their britches. He knew they could do it for real. Without all those computers. And they actually made it happen. Sure, computers are still involved at points, but the stunt itself is real, and that takes chutzpah in today's computer happy age.

While Need For Speed looks like it'll be lost in the sea of dross theater offerings next year, this stunt and others like it might be enough to make me see the movie.



I really hope they are using cheap knock offs of these cars and not the real things.