Flick Haigh Becomes First Woman To Take Overall Win In One Of Britain's Top Sports-Car Series 

British driver Flick Haigh was the only woman in the field when she drove in the first race of the British GT Championship season on April 2, but she didn’t need to be picked out of a crowd of cars—she and her co-driver were out front pretty much the entire time, from winning the pole to finishing the race first.

International Motorsports Council Picks Worst Woman Possible To Represent Women

The FIA, a motorsport governing body overseeing dozens of international series like Formula One, added a women’s commission in 2009—when the association was over a century old already—to talk about “girl stuff” like, oh, equality in racing. The commission just added Carmen Jorda, who is the antithesis of that.

The World Needs More NASCAR Drivers Who Would Love To Have A Tampon On Their Car

When you’re one of few women in an industry full of men, it’s easy to want to blend in—to not get the looks and comments that go with being the girl. But, in a world where dudes need more education on feminine health, power to NASCAR driver Julia Landauer for wanting to slap a tampon ad on the side of her race car.