Here's What Happens When The 2017 Nissan Titan And Armada Attempt To Off-Road

The Nissan Titan and Armada are not off-road vehicles. Not really. The Titan’s too damn big, and the Armada has 20-inch wheels and a freaking chrome vent on its front fender—clearly designed for stuntin’, as today’s teens say. But if you’re curious what the two can actually do off-road, check out these videos.

The Nissan Titan XD Is The Best Ford F-150 You Can Buy 

In the pickup truck world, one thing is certain: there’s the Ford F-150, standing head and shoulders above the rest in sales, marketing, and good old American heritage, and then there’s every other truck on the market. That’s the rule. Now let me introduce you to the diesel-chugging, earth-moving, miniature American…