Volkswagen 'Hoarders' Say They're Making Huge Profits Off The Diesel Buyback

Volkswagen’s buyback offer to owners of cheating diesel vehicles is a generous one, including payment of the vehicle’s pre-scandal trade-in value plus a hefty cash payout of between $5,100 and about $10,000. Now, some “hoarders” say they’re using this deal as a way to make some serious coin, so they’re out rushing to…


Repair Of The Year? LeMons' Diesel Porsche Obliterates Front End, Rejoins Race 2.5 Hours Later

Take a scrap Porsche 911 shell that would have otherwise ended up as raw material for toasters and stuff a Volkswagen TDI engine in the rear, and we’ll love your LeMons team forever. Destroy the car’s front end but make it back on track after only two and a half hours and you’re gunning for Repair of the Year.