Meh Car Monday: The Saturn Ion Perfected The Chemistry Of Boring

I feel like I’ve been picking on Saturn pretty hard for these Meh cars—it was only a couple months ago we featured the deliriously bland Saturn L-Series—but I just can’t deny Saturn’s unnatural skills at making really, really boring-ass cars. Besides, what’s going to happen? Is Saturn’s PR department gonna call me and…

Here's Some Of The First Pictures Sent Back From The Cassini Spacecraft's Dive Between Saturn And Its Rings

The Cassini spacecraft has been studying Saturn and her moons for nearly 20 years, and is now finally running out of fuel. The Cassini mission is set to end this September, but not without a big finale. It’s a Grand Finale, even, and it’s going to end with Cassini plunging into Saturn’s atmosphere. Before that though,…

What The Hell Was This Person Thinking When They Drove Their Car Into A Huge Flood-Lake?

For the few remaining people who haven’t decided to buy an Amphicar, there’s a few rules to be followed when driving through an area undergoing flooding. Actually, there’s one rule: don’t drive into any puddles that look like lakes. This Saturn driver somehow didn’t seem to understand that idea.