How A Car Crash Turned One Man Into The World's Foremost Collector Of Vintage Child Seats 

The glory that you are currently beholding is one of the largest vintage child car seat collections in the world. Trust us, this is way more interesting than it sounds. A Jalopnik reader named Scott has spent the last 30 years collecting nearly 100 vintage car seats, some of which, he says, have even been featured in…

Couple Awarded $42 Million After Crash Because Shop Glued Roof Instead Of Welding It

A Texas jury just awarded a couple severely injured in a crash $42 million because their vehicle, a 2010 Honda Fit, had been improperly repaired by a collision center. Instead of welding the roof, per Honda’s repair guidelines, the shop used adhesive. That, according to plaintiffs, compromised the car’s safety…

F1 Found A Closer Hospital To Make Sure The Chinese Grand Prix Happens, Rain Or Shine

Shanghai’s track is wet on the pit straight and there’s always some worry that the clouds that halted the Formula One Chinese Grand Prix’s practice sessions on Friday will return. Fortunately, reports that the FIA tweaked the race’s emergency procedures so the F1 grand prix can run rain or shine.