Driver Attempting F1 Comeback After Nearly Fatal Rally Crash Now Says The Chances Are 'Very Slight'

Six years after a rally crash nearly killed him, former Formula One driver Robert Kubica got back in a car with the Renault F1 team this summer. Kubica held a good pace during the test session, and the team’s director even said they were looking at a potential return to competition. But reality seems to have hit.

Robert Kubica Will Test A 2017 F1 Car Six Years After Almost Dying In A Rally Crash

Polish racing driver Robert Kubica still hasn’t given up his dream of returning to Formula One after a rally crash in February 2011 almost killed him. Now Renault is giving Kubica a chance to test a 2017 Formula One car in Hungary, Sky Sports reports. After this test, the team says they’ll know what it would take for…