Porsche's Unrestricted Le Mans Car Is At The Nürburgring, Maybe To Obliterate A Lap Record

Porsche was spotted today turning fast laps at the Nürburgring with their now-unrestricted 919 Hybrid Evo Le Mans prototype. Now that they’re no longer running the car at Le Mans, the 919 is now attempting to dominate lap records across the world—and let’s be honest, it’s about time they give us a ‘Ring time. Could…

In Defense Of Testing Everything (Yes, Everything) On The Nürburgring

I’m not sure which one is worse: the hyper-insane cult of the Nürburgring lap time, or the backlash against it. While it’s only healthy to be skeptical of every self-announced manufacturer ‘ring time, I’m all for track testing cars that aren’t meant to go on track if we’re serious about this “fun to drive” thing.