Uber Exec To Employees: Don't Do That Thing We're Already Getting Investigated For

Just days into his new job, Uber’s General Council sent out an email to the company’s security team telling them to stop any “any kind of competitive intelligence project that involves the surveillance of individuals.” Basically, hey, don’t do that thing we’re being investigated by the FBI for, Recode reports. “We…

Lyft Driver Charged In Stabbing Shouldn't Have Been Eligible To Even Work

In a month where ride-sharing companies almost considered leaving a state entirely over background check policies, this latest incident is likely to reignite questions about the companies’ own efforts: A Boston Lyft driver who’s accused of stabbing a passenger on Christmas Day had a prior conviction that, according to…

Google Mishap Traps California Limo Driver in 'Lyft Hell'

“Hello? Hold on one second ...” “Uh, hi, yeah, one second ...” “Sorry, I have to take this ...” “You need a ri—sorry I’ll be right back.” Earlier this month, this was the life of Matthais Leul, who is a limo driver in California. He is not Lyft HQ, though Google seems to suggest otherwise.