The Entire Point Of A Rental Camaro Is That You Do Not Care About It

Nothing matters when you have a rental Camaro. It’s surprisingly fast, sure, but at its heart, it’s still a rental car. Get the insurance? Don’t care. Rev the crap out of it? Don’t care. Accidentally call it a Mustang? Sure enough, don’t care. It’s a car that exists to be beaten on, as Regular Car Reviews explains.

'The Airbnb For Classic Cars' Is Either Going To Be The Best Thing Ever Or The Worst

What’s being called “the Airbnb for classic and exotic cars” is being relaunched with a big new backer. Seems like a great opportunity for some of us to drive interesting and historic cars we wouldn’t otherwise get to. But for owners, I don’t know, would you trust you with someone else’s supercar?

Now You Can Rent That Horrible Aviato-Branded Ford Escape From Silicon Valley

There are two ways you can look down on Silicon Valley’s most insufferable and their “billionaire doors.” One is to roll through in an AMG G65 and literally look down at them. Or even better: you can pretend to be Silicon Valley’s self-centered anti-hero Erlich Bachman by renting the miserable Ford Escape from the…

I Got This Job After Beating Matt Hardigree In A Rental Car Deathmatch

Most of the writers here got their start in more humble ways like “applying” or “writing a lot on OppositeLock.” I did a lot of that last one, too. But before that, I also owned Jalopnik’s then-editor-in-chief Matt Hardigree in the ultimate regular-car track battle first—and I’ve waited nearly four years to gloat.