This Nissan 240SX Convertible Was a Legendary Rip-Off From Hell But Is Now Part of the Family

Matthew Cox’s 1993 Nissan 240SX convertible looked fine enough in the eBay photos. It was his chance to own a rare version of a car he loved, and it was fine on the outside! Then he got a good look under the car’s shiny pearl white paint, and discovered that he may have bought one of the biggest rip-offs of all time.

Here's How Ridiculously Expensive It Is To Replace A Windshield On An Aston Martin

Exotic car ownership is a bit of an experiential mixed bag. Sure, it’s interesting to be the person that gets the most attention at the gas station, but you’re nevertheless plagued by problems of the common driver, with the added sting of prices for repair procedures being every bit as comical as they are terrifying.…