May 10

Get a good look, because chances are this is the only view of the Pininfarina-designed Alfa Romeo Cuneo 33 you’ll get to see once that thing gets moving. Shame, really, because this thing is cool. Off-the-walls cool.

Mar 14 2019

The Alfa Romeo 33 Spider Cuneo was a Paulo Martin-designed concept unveiled at the Brussels motor show. Based on the Tipo 33 race car, the concept has a fully functional 230 horsepower 2-liter V8, and weighs just over 1400 pounds. It looks like the kind of car a Speed Racer antagonist would drive. Or a brick of

Feb 7 2019

Automobili Pininfarina is now taking orders for a 50-car run of this new all-electric hypercar. Allegedly this thing has 1900 horsepower. While it was teased a couple of months ago as the PF0, the car is now called Battista, after company founder Battista (Pinin) Farina. 150 cars will be built in total, with 50 for