A Brief Reminder That Cars Catch On Fire Like All The Time Holy Shit Look At That Car It Is The Fuck On Fire

Read car news websites all day and you’ll get the impression that the only cars to ever catch on fire are Ferraris (all the time), Teslas (in wrecks), Fiskers (in your garage) or Lamborghini (when people rev them standing still). This is not the case. All kinds of cars catch fire, like this one right here holy shit…

Here's The Most Damning Report Yet On Why The New York City Subway Is Terrible

“I don’t think it’s corrupt.” MTA board member Charles G. Moerdler told the New York Times for its most recent subway exposé, “But I think people like doing business with people they know, and so a few companies get all the work, and they can charge whatever they want.” Oh yeah. That’s definitely not corruption.