NASCAR Controversially Rules Winning Pass Illegal After Driver Dips Below Yellow Line At Daytona

“Out of bounds” almost never applies in NASCAR, but passing below the yellow line at a restrictor-plate race tracks is a no-go. Driver Justin Haley got a harsh reminder of that Friday, when he barely dipped below the line in a bold move for the win and got penalized. But the call, and the rule, could be a lot clearer.

NASCAR's Founding Family Is Looking Into Options On Selling Its Stake: Report

The France family has been in control of NASCAR since Bill France Sr. founded it in 1947, staying in power so long that they’re still known as the “first family.” But just over a week after NASCAR acquired another major racing series, Reuters reports that the family is in talks of potentially selling its stake in the…

NASCAR Will Be In Two Time Zones This Weekend Because Arizona Ignores Daylight Saving Time

While most of us don’t enjoy daylight saving time or the sadness that comes with it, not practicing it when everyone else does sounds just as bad. Most of Arizona doesn’t honor the changing of clocks, and that means this weekend’s NASCAR races will happen in more than one time zone—at the same race track.

Photo Finish NASCAR Race Started Its Five Overtime Sessions At Daytona With The Big One

Rejoice! NASCAR’s regular season is back, ready to fill that empty hole in your heart with cars once more. You know, much like how their second-tier Xfinity Series filled the entire width of Daytona International Speedway with crashed cars this afternoon. The race ended after five overtime restarts in a photo finish…