The Beetles and Other Cars of Puebla But Especially the Beetles

Recently, I was down in Puebla, Mexico for the Final Edition of the Volkswagen Beetle, even though I don’t really believe it’s final at all. Puebla is significant to Beetle-fetishists because the Puebla plant built Beetles (or, as they’re called in Mexico, Vochos) from 1967 until the (real, air-cooled) Beetle’s end in…

Mexico City's 'Beetleland' Is Where The Unlicensed Volkswagen Beetle Cabs Still Thrive

The market, like nature, finds a way. Despite their ancient design, Volkswagen Beetles were famously still made in Mexico until 2003 and incredibly common as Mexico City taxi cabs until 2012. They’re illegal for cab use there now for being too unsafe, but the city’s Cuautepec area is plenty dangerous on its own.