This Bored-Out Manual Swap Mercury Cougar Is ‘Objectively Horrible At Everything’ But Fun

Anyone can pick up an old beater Subaru to go rallycrossing. Resurrecting an old muscle car from a goat pen, however, makes you an instant legend. Here’s one of the greatest rallycross builds we’ve ever seen, and not because it’s particularly good at rallycrossing: Dylan Gondyke’s 1969 Mercury Cougar named “Eileen.”

Meh Car Monday: If You're Sad That Mercury Is Gone, Try To Remember The Milan And You'll Feel Better

I genuinely wonder if, at any time during the development of the Mercury Milan, if everyone on the team just stopped working all at the same time, and looked blankly out into space as the futility of their task suddenly dawned on them. Perhaps they all shed a solitary tear, in unison, and the collective splash of…