Lamborghini Will Come To Your House To Prove It Didn't Cheat On The N√ľrburgring If That's What It Takes

Lamborghini is not taking you Internet ‚Äúexperts‚ÄĚ lightly when you say that the Italians faked their Hurac√°n Performante N√ľrburgring production car lap record. Lamborghini has video. Lamborghini has data. Lamborghini will waltz right into your basement and shove it all in your face if it has to.

Did Lamborghini Fake Its Record-Breaking N√ľrburgring Lap Time? Update: It Used Unique Tires Too

Lamborghini released a video on Wednesday of its new Hurac√°n Performante setting a claimed new production car record at the famed N√ľrburgring circuit. It‚Äôs only been two days, but critics on the internet are questioning whether or not the car actually set the time that Lamborghini said that it did. Here‚Äôs what‚Äôs going‚Ķ