See that bar at the bottom of the posts? It’s a share bar! It’s new! You can use it to share our posts on The Facebook and also The Twitter! Cardomain sharing option coming soon.

You may have noticed a slight tweak to the left rail of the front page. This is just a test for now, so let us know what you think.

FYI, because of a technical fix we had to push out last night, you'll notice you're probably logged out this morning. Just log back in and everything should be normal. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks to everyone for being cool about the slight tweaks we've had to make following the attack on our network. They've mostly worked on Jalopnik but I can't promise we've plugged all the leaks yet, I can just promise a bunch of smart people who haven't slept are working on it.

We've fixed what, to me, was the biggest flaw with the version of Webchats we rolled out last week by making the "all replies" threaded and not just random chronological replies. Thoughts?