IndyCar Scares The Shit Out Of Jenson Button But Formula E Is Boring

If there’s one driver that has been missed in Formula One, it’s certainly 2009 world champion Jenson Button. Button isn’t done with racing yet, but won’t be making a full-time return to F1. Now he’s named two other series he won’t be trying in F1's place: Formula E and IndyCar, which “scares the shit” out of him.

One Of The Essential Components Of Honda's F1 Engine Can Only Last Two Races

Honda, the power unit supplier to blame for the McLaren Formula One team’s miserable lack of reliability lately, admitted that their MGU-H design—a key component of their engine’s hybrid system—can only last two races, reports MGU-H stands for “motor generator unit-heat,” as it recaptures heat energy…

A Drain Cover Will Annihilate The Front Of A Formula One Car

Jenson Button had a lucky moment in first practice for the Monaco Grand Prix, as a drain cover was sucked up off the road off Nico Rosberg’s car and whacked into the front of Button’s car. Fortunately, the heavy metal piece struck Button’s tire and not the middle of the front of the car, but it wrecked Rosberg’s wing.