Isuzu Truck Appears To Have Landed Lucrative 'Obscure View Of  President Trump Golfing' Role UPDATED

While we are unable to confirm any official contract or agreement, it appears that Isuzu has landed a very important role for their NPR HD line of work trucks: blocking television crews from seeing President Trump golfing at his West Palm Beach golf club. This is a big win for Isuzu, and a very public one as well,…

How The Chevy Colorado Diesel Was Americanized: It's More Than Emissions

“Diesel Chevy truck” sounds as American as John Wayne watching Jackass on a phone while he’s eating a hot dog and picking a fight at a baseball game. But even though the four-cylinder Duramax rumbling in the new Colorado and GMC Canyon has been around since 2011, it wasn’t actually fit for the U.S.A. until now.