In Loving Memory, The Movie You Need To Watch About The World's Most Dangerous Race, Is On Amazon Prime

The Isle of Man TT is one of the most mind-warping events in the world, possibly its most dangerous race. You can’t take your eyes off the riders who just keep showing up and competing, knowing they’re staring death in the face. The great In Loving Memory is one of the few films to get that sensation.

Why This Barrier-Breaking Woman Was Banned From The World’s Deadliest Race

“Some women refuse to be a slave of routine,” said Pathé News in 1962, the year Beryl Swain entered the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy race. “Mrs. Beryl Swain not only works an office job and holds down a home, but has an unlikely hobby—motorcycle racing. And,” says the announcer, with some muted astonishment, “she’s good…