Boeing 737 Flies Through Brick Wall, Smashes Tower on Takeoff, Keeps On Flying

On most flights I’ve been on, everything gets held up even if something as minor as the latch that holds the rolling trash-dolly in place is too tarnished. Only after it’s perfect can the plane take off. That sure as hell wasn’t the case with this Air India flight, which kept right on going even after the pilot…

Get Excited: Peugeot Buys India's Iconic Ambassador Brand From Hindustan

In a move that I can’t say I’d have predicted, PSA Peugeot-Citroen is buying the Ambassador name and related branding and trademarks from Hindustan Motor’s parent company, C K Birla. What they’re planning to do with the legendary (well, in India) Ambassador name hasn’t been revealed, but, of course, we can guess.