Welcome to your Sunday, the Friday of the weekend. I hope you’re as relaxed as this Audi Coupe S daydreaming of AMC Marlins, since they’re spiritual star-twins.

There was too much Ferrari carnage on the internet for my heart to bear today, so here’s one of my favorite angles of one of my favorite F cars: the Testarossa. Just look at that smooth-yet-square sculpting. I’m so glad ’80s design is considered cool again.

It’s mid-week, time for a public service announcement about all the sorts of crap you can cram in the back of a station wagon, like this Ford Taunus. Please take note.

“SIR! SIR! This is a tennis court! You can’t park that here! SIR! We have people trying to play tennis! SIR! PLEASE MOVE YOUR CAR!”

It’s Friday, everybody! We made it through yet another week of triumphs and accomplishment, besting competitors at every turn, which is why we get to enjoy our reward: a refreshing game of What the Hell Is Going On in This Picture?

Hello friends! Welcome to the black, featureless void we call a brand-new week! Don’t fear, though, just hop into that sweet-ass van and let Scotty and Scotti there be your guides. They know exactly what they’re doing. 

It’s Friday! Celebrate the end of the week by celebrating how Ford UK solved their biggest problem: how to make cars that resembled gigantic, grimacing frogs. The Anglia, in green, was the answer. Problem solved!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to work after the holiday. I hope your little vacation went better than mine and my poor parking choice for my Dodge Spirit. Stupid meteorites. 

Happy Friday, pals! Time to get in your DKW and drive under the glorious rainbows of life! Also, I’d like to point out that DKW was the only carmaker I can think of to name their cars after mathematical impossibilities, like 3=6. I mean, I get they were saying their three-cylinder two-stroke was like a four-stroke

There’s something really satisfying about this diagram of a Winnebago D-24 Chieftain. It’s like the RV version of those linear spaceship diagrams you see on background screens all over the place in Star Trek shows, if the colors were inverted.

Remind me not to let these Morris owners plan a picnic. The ground looks wet and leafy and dirty, the blanket is way too small, and they seem to have just packed pears and whatever’s in that thermos. You guys suck at this. 

I’m really not sure I feel comfortable with them getting on that boat. I know Ascot McSmooveingthon makes a pretty compelling case, but I just don’t see a scenario where they leave that Austin A40 Sports and the guy doesn’t end up in the ocean, and the woman doesn’t end up chained to something. Maybe a davenport.

“And this, my good man, is a special chamber that you can open and shout swears into while getting your face bathed in various healthful steams and smokes.”

It’s Thursday, the day we post pictures of vintage Opels and women who have to be at least seven or eight feet tall. Have a remarkable day, friends!

It’s the middle of the week, and that demands something special. Like this amazing Gurgel G-15L, the air-cooled VW-based pickup truck that makes Brazil horse ranching look like terraformed Mars horse ranching.

Welcome to a new week, friends. The New York Auto Show is coming up this week, so to give the week a good start, let’s kick it off with this purple Toronado. That seems like a good idea.