Auto Industry Puts Google On BLAST!! 'Ugly Potato' New Name For Silicon Valley's Horror Car

A professor Audi dubbed an “innovation expert” may not have the highest opinion of America’s big players in autonomous car tech, but he’s right about one thing: the Google car just ain’t a looker. And now, through the miracle of German humor, it has a nickname it won’t be losing anytime soon.

Google Apparently Wants Its Driverless Electric Cars To Be Cordless, Too 

According to IEEE Spectrum, documents filed to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission indicate that new efforts toward Google’s prototype autonomous cars include the testing of several wireless charging systems for the vehicles in California. The systems come from two companies that specialize in creating charging…

Google's Self-Driving Car Unit Will Be A Standalone Company In 2016, Could Challenge Uber 

If you thought of Google’s adorable panda-like driverless car as a glorified science experiment until now, get ready to change your mind. According to reports within the company, Google is set to make its driverless car program a standalone “Alphabet” business in 2016—the biggest sign yet that driverless cars are…