Hey, I'm jumping in here to express my apologies both to Jalopnik commenters and to the writers, who are dealing with

Yeah, I'm the fat guy at 0:29. For the record, I've lost 83 pounds since this was filmed. Oh well! Nothing like having

I don't really see the point of giving pilots body scans. It's not like they need much more than their own hands to

What's the story behind everybody's handle/screenname? Maybe we've done this before, but if we have, I don't remember.

On an entirely unrelated note, I've never had to do as much tongue biting as I have had to do in the last week.


It's going to get awful expensive around here if we need to start printing "Save the..." tee-shirts for every cool car

That's just silly. So since I can't play the guitar I can't rock out to Van Halen? I can't imagine that everyone who

I really doubt that many cars made these days will be considered classics, but the GXP will be sought after by

Attention Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Highbeam Assist, Parktronic Plus, Blind Spot Assist, Night View Assist


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