4:58 PM

Hey, I'm jumping in here to express my apologies both to Jalopnik commenters and to the writers, who are dealing with these questions even though they're still partly in the dark. The comments add so much to Jalopnik. And our thanks has been to expose other accounts that might share the password you use here. I'm here Read more

3:15 PM

Yeah, I'm the fat guy at 0:29. For the record, I've lost 83 pounds since this was filmed. Oh well! Nothing like having a big old "before" picture posted on YouTube to keep you honest.

7:24 PM

I don't really see the point of giving pilots body scans. It's not like they need much more than their own hands to crash the damn plane.

8:48 PM

What's the story behind everybody's handle/screenname? Maybe we've done this before, but if we have, I don't remember.

Back in 2000, my dad decided to trade in his '89 Taurus for something a bit more bespoke. So we went to check out the then-new Jaguar S-Type. The salesperson was a rather cold, intimidating woman Read more

2:17 PM

On an entirely unrelated note, I've never had to do as much tongue biting as I have had to do in the last week.

And the forecast for the next two weeks doesn't look good either.

Worse, my wife is going to take our daughter and her best friend to go see the Jonas Brothers today. The 300 has a flat tire, my netbook Read more

5:30 PM

Friends, Jalops, countrymen, lend me your gears; I come to praise the Volvo, not to bury it. The evil that voters do lives after it; The good is oft interred with their valves; Let it not be with Volvo! The noble Voters Hath told you Volvos were ambitious: If it were so, it was a grievous fault, And grievously hath Read more

9:00 AM

It's going to get awful expensive around here if we need to start printing "Save the..." tee-shirts for every cool car and truck on the road today.

8:45 PM

Ok, screw this, I'll write my own Movie. OG Jalopstyle. We'll start with the opening chase scene (how the best car-action movies start) and then just make it up from there) Scene 1 Opening sequence starts out fast. We are given a view of the early morning Bay Area fog. A camera pans down a quiet open street in Alameda Read more

10:15 AM

@Mad_Science: Oh, see, we normally do link. In fact, we love showing our readers cool stuff on the web even if it's not ours. It's just we thought "no link" is the new link etiquette these days from Edmunds given their recent non-linkage to us on our stories: [www.insideline.com] I give automotive outlets the same Read more

5:25 PM

This is the sort of cool public service thing that makes Jalopnik different! Well done guys

6:26 PM

That's just silly. So since I can't play the guitar I can't rock out to Van Halen? I can't imagine that everyone who reads this blog can rebuild a Shovelhead engine. But I'm a writer and I appreciate good writing; I'm an eater and I appreciate free Papa John's pizza. I enjoy a double-entendre as much as the next Read more

2:52 PM

I find myself in a vehicular pickle and need my fellow Jalops' perspective. Here's the tragically ironic tale (sorry it's so long): Read more

8:18 AM

Surprise, surprise, Mustang comes out on the top as the easiest one to live with. THAT is exactly the reason why it's been in production this long.

12:45 PM

You guys, help me out here. What exactly is included in the LEGO kits, and where does skill come into play? I'm not trying to be a bitch, I'm just curious, since I've never had any LEGOs in my life. Is there any fabrication involved, or is it purely assembly? Because if it's just sticking pieces together, then I feel Read more

4:55 PM

I really doubt that many cars made these days will be considered classics, but the GXP will be sought after by collectors fifteen years from now.

1:35 PM

Last drive, indeed. I hope this car finds it's way back into GM's portfolio, and soon... it was one of the best cars they had.

12:45 PM

Attention Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Highbeam Assist, Parktronic Plus, Blind Spot Assist, Night View Assist PLUS, Distronic PLUS with Pre-Safe Brake, Brake Assist PLUS and Agility Assist? When's it finish me off and give me a wipe?

4:46 PM

I've got to step up my efforts to get a Trans Am now.