This One-Of-Two Consulier GTP Sport Was The Ugliest Way To Go Really Fast In The '90s

The absolute holy grail of Turbo Dodge performance, this Shelby-upgraded 2.2-liter turbo featherweight track car remains the best car to ever be built in Florida. Weighing just under 1900 pounds and flaunting over 225 horsepower thanks to a rare 16-valve Shelby cylinder head, a big T3 turbo, and a fifth fuel injector,…

The Homemade Ad For That Used Honda Accord Drove Its Price So High eBay Canceled The Auction

Last week, we all got to experience the beauty that was, in fact, just an ad for a used Honda Accord. Filmmaker Max Lanman made the commercial to help sell his fiancée’s 1996 Accord, which is worth about $1,500, and it worked: The bids got up to $150,000 before eBay canceled the auction for “illegitimate bidding.”

EBay User Claims To Be Selling Part Of The Only Stealth F-117 Ever Shot Down