Trump's Trade War Threatens BMW's Biggest Factory in the World, but South Carolina Doesn't Seem to Mind

SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA—Textiles used to dominate this part of South Carolina, which locals call the Upstate. But after the textile industry went overseas, BMW came in and built its biggest car factory in the world, bringing back prosperity in the process. But for more than a few voters and public officials in the…

Trump's Proposed Rollback of Obama-Era Emissions Standards Is Riddled With Critical Errors

Back in August, the Trump administration officially proposed scaling back Obama-Era emissions standards that would require automakers to achieve an average fuel economy of 46.8 miles per gallon by 2026. Instead, Trump wants automakers to hit just 37 mpg. The problem is, the proposal has so many errors that it’s left…

Ford Kills Plan to Sell Chinese-Made Cars in the U.S., and Trump Thinks It Means They're Going to Start Manufacturing Them Here Instead [Update]

In another stunning display of a fundamental misunderstanding of how the automotive industry works, President Donald Trump posted a tweet earlier on Sunday morning lauding a CNBC report that stated Ford’s intent to nix a plan to sell the Chinese-made Focus Active in the U.S.