The Guy Who Designed The BMW 8 Series Concept Lusted After The Original When He Was A Kid

The new BMW 8 Series Concept is gorgeous. It’s the kind of big grand touring coupe we rarely see anymore. It’s almost as if whoever designed it had a special love for the original 8 Series from the 1990s. Turns out that’s the case after all, and if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to remake your favorite car for…

Mazda Design Director Leaves For Mysterious 'Stealth Project'

Derek Jenkins is Design Director at Mazda. He’s a designer whose work I respect a great deal, partially because he did VW’s amazing 2001 Microbus Concept when he worked there. But according to his LinkedIn profile, he’s just left that position to be Vice President of Design for “Stealth Project.” What’s going on here?