An Airline Employee Who Stole an Airplane from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Was Chased by Military Planes Before Crashing

This Friday night, August 10, an empty Horizon Airlines plane crashed after it was stolen by a ground employee from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport at 8pm local time. After being chased by two F-15 military jets, the 76-seat plane crashed in a wooded area 40 miles away, according to CNN.

World's Luckiest Rider Crashes And Slides Right Under A Trailer Fast And Furious Style

One of the most memorable scenes of the Fast and the Furious movies involves a Honda Civic barely passing under a semi trailer. It’s an incredible stunt even for a movie, and extremely dangerous to attempt in real life. Yet motorcycle vlogger Hammy Moto recreated this scene with his body when he fell from his bike and…