This Janky BMW E36 Camper Van Race Car Is The 24 Hours Of Lemons In A Nutshell

Get a rolling BMW E36 shell for $200, add the V8 from a Chevrolet Suburban and cobble together parts you can’t afford or that don’t exist on your own. There’s a pie plate in the front to keep the cold air intake in place, anatomical doodles in the trunk, and did we mention the camper top? Behold vehicular perfection.

I'm Racing A Volkswagen 411 And Towing It Home In The Ultimate Act Of Vehicular Masochism

Back in Ye Olde Days of Jalopnicke, editor Murilee Martin—bless our Saucy Minx—had a feature called Down On The Street. One day, he featured a Volkswagen 411, or Type 4 in aircooled-ese. We’re racing that exact car this weekend, and I’ve called dibs on towing it home. Now it’s sinking in: oh no, what have I done?

McLaren's Catastrophic Formula One Car Is Nearing 24 Hours Of Lemons Bad

It sounds odd that Jenson Button will not drive McLaren’s Formula One car before he fills in for Fernando Alonso at the Monaco Grand Prix, but it makes sense if you’ve ever been on the level of failure McLaren’s dealing with. McLaren’s car is so bad, they’re even starting to act like a 24 Hours of Lemons crapcan…

There's A Rule Named For Pratt & Miller's Legendary LeMons Cheating

There’s one thing the 24 Hours of LeMons is adamant about: documenting your cheating. Any parts added to the car either need documentation or they’ll be assigned a value in inspections. If you swap “found” parts into an FD Mazda RX-7, you’re going to invoke the “Pratt & Miller Rule,” as this team did.

The 24 Hours Of LeMons Is Going Where It Really Belongs: Australia

Greetings, at least one foreign land that’s gone “I wish we had something like that here” every time we’ve posted about crapcan racing. The 24 Hours of LeMons folks have opened up the 24 Hours of LeMons Australia. If all else fails, at least it’s guaranteed to be better than this year’s Australian Grand Prix!