I Want To Know How Self-Driving Cars Will Respond In The Rare Occasion They're Pulled Over By Someone Impersonating A Cop

As far as I can tell, there’s no definitive data on how often someone’s pulled over by a fake cop. But it’s not unheard of for some moron to put flashing lights on their car and arrest someone! So, when Google revealed last month that it tested how its self-driving cars will respond to emergency vehicles, I had a…


This Is Exactly The Truck You’d Drive To Save Your Heroin Addict Friend If You Were Also A Heroin Addict And Had A Shit Ton Of Guns With You

Three people were busted in New York’s Holland Tunnel today after cops somehow couldn’t help but notice their pickup truck, decorated in a ludicrously charming “hillbilly teens playing Army” motif, was allegedly packed with loaded guns, combat equipment, body armor and drugs. Why? Rescue mission, obviously!