The U.S. and China Are Canceling One Another’s Port Visits And It's A Bigger Deal Than You Think

Last week, China turned down a request for a U.S. Navy helicopter carrier to visit Hong Kong. And in May, the Chinese Navy was disinvited to this year’s RIMPAC exercises that attracted 25 countries from across the Asia-Pacific region. Both developments are pretty big deals in U.S.-China relations. Here’s why.

Inside China’s Plan to Build the Second-Biggest Aircraft Carrier Fleet in the World

China’s Navy is on a roll. The Navy, or more properly the People’s Liberation Army Navy, has launched more than a hundred ships of all kinds over the past decade, including destroyers, amphibious ships, frigates, and corvettes. The PLAN is now the largest Navy in Asia, with more than 300 warships. Yet of the hundreds…