Temporary 'Air Dam Shipping Covers' Are the Hottest Mod For Dodge Challengers and Chargers

Dodge Charger and Challenger air dams were apparently getting scratched during shipment between the assembly plant and the dealership, so Dodge installed some yellow plastic “shipping covers,” which are supposed to be taken off at the dealer. Except now people are keeping them in place because they like the look and…

This Cookie Contest Leaves The Baked Goods At Home But Brings A Rowdy Orange Charger

Bizarrely, this is the first time I’ve ever heard donuts (car donuts, not the kind you get from Tim Hortons or Krispy Kreme) referred to as “cookies.” Either way, I’m now both hungry and ready to spin a big, loud muscle car around in circles after watching this footage from a “Cookie Contest” in Iowa.