The Coolest New Pickup Truck You Can Buy Is Iranian

I guess I should clarify a couple of things about that headline: ‚Äėcoolest‚Äô is entirely subjective, of course, and chances are really, really good that you can‚Äôt actually buy it, since only a very small percentage of our readership is in any country where it‚Äôs actually sold. Even so, I‚Äôm pretty smitten with the Zamyad‚Ķ

The Beetle's Strange Doppelgänger, The Pilát Lidovka R6, Has Something In Common With A Modern Corvette

Cars of a given era tend to look alike. They’re designed with a common design vocabulary of the time and often follow common trends. Even so, cars that are dead-on doppelgängers for one another (that aren’t badge-engineered twins) are pretty rare, especially when one of the cars is one of the most-recognized vehicles…