Watching An Idiot Stop In The Middle Of A Highway And Cause Two Trucks To Crash Is So Damn Maddening

We’ve seen plenty of dramatic and terrifying videos of car wrecks, but this one has to be one of the most fundamentally maddening and frustrating ones I’ve ever seen. There’s really no other way to put this other than these two trucks were wrecked because of the potent presence of a genuine moron on the highway. Watch…

Watch An Audi Driver Smash Right Into A Bridge Traffic Gate And Remind Yourself To Never Be That Dumb

Here’s a hot tip for you motor-car piloters out there: that big window right above the steering-direction torus is a fantastic way to see what kinds of things you’re about to drive into! I just wish I had a chance to give this hot tip to this Audi driver on the Casco Bay Bridge in Portland, Maine, before this happened: