This Surprisingly Emotional Ford Ad Will Make You Want To Keep Your Old Beater Car On The Road

We humans are so inclined to just throw things away after they’re not pristine anymore. That’s especially true of cars, even well-loved and well-worn ones that could still work just fine with a little love and care. And this video will make you feel less inclined to dump your old beater car for something shiny and new.

The Story Of That Used Honda With The Amazing Ad Gets Weirder As CarMax Offers $5,000 For The Cat

Remember about a week ago when we showed you that incredibly well-done ad for a used 1996 Honda Accord? Then remember yesterday how we told you the price got so crazy high on eBay the auction was cancelled? Well, the auction was cancelled again, CarMax made a bonkers video offer, and the guy who’s selling the car was…