How Would You Spend $970 Million on Cars in the Most Ridiculous Way Possible?

In case you havenā€™t heard, the Mega Millions Lottery is up to a staggering 970 million dollars. That is a mind-blowing, almost unfathomable amount of money, and Iā€™m going to buy a ticket even though my chancesā€”like yoursā€”are absurdly slim. But what if you did win? How would you spend your winnings on car stuff? Youā€¦

These Are the Cars With the Most and Least Depreciation After Five Years

Unless youā€™re buying some rare vintage sports car as an ā€œinvestment,ā€ you can expect your new ride to lose value once you drive it off the lot. But some cars retain value much better than others. Our friends at iSeeCars have put together a list of the lowest and highest depreciating cars after five years, you probablyā€¦