The Story Of That Used Honda With The Amazing Ad Gets Weirder As CarMax Offers $5,000 For The Cat

Remember about a week ago when we showed you that incredibly well-done ad for a used 1996 Honda Accord? Then remember yesterday how we told you the price got so crazy high on eBay the auction was cancelled? Well, the auction was cancelled again, CarMax made a bonkers video offer, and the guy who’s selling the car was…

Guy Calling Chevy Equinox A 'Bad Mamma Jamma' In That 'Real People' Ad Is Everything Wrong With Everything

Seriously, Chevy(’s ad agency), what the fuck are you doing? Can’t you see what’s happening? Can’t you see you’re tearing us apart? This isn’t selling any cars; this is selling out our very humanity. Yes, dammit, I’m talking about the “bad mamma-jamma” guy at the end of this godawful “Real People” Chevy Equinox ad.