What It's Like To Sleep In A $130,000 Mercedes-AMG Wagon

I’ll never forget overhearing what my parents paid for our house when I was a kid. “Dad, you idiot” I groaned. “We could have bought a Ferrari!” Yeah. Sure, I didn’t understand the concept of mortgages, and it’s a good thing he didn’t listen to me, because you can’t sleep in many expensive exotics. Except for one: the …

Driving The $100,000 Mobile Home Your Fabulous Wife And Redneck Cousin Can Agree On

I woke up naked and freezing, stretched around a heater like some desperate, heat-starved lizard with a headache so strong I was sure I’d been put to sleep by a frying pan to the face. A typical morning—until I noticed the Rocky Mountains instead of my Babes & Big Rigs calendar in the window. Welcome to van life.